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Master the core administration and development features of Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM tool, with our practical training course.

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Salesforce Training Course Overview

Nuclay's Salesforce Training course is designed to help you pass the Salesforce Administrator Exam (ADM 201) and the Salesforce Platform Developer I Exam. Concepts like Service cloud, Salesforce objects, Lightning components, APIs, NPSP and data management can be mastered in these courses.

Course Curriculum for Salesforce Platform Developer I Training

OOPs concept & Intro Apex class

  • Introduction to OOPs concept & Basics
  • Understanding modifiers & Interfaces
  • Abstract classes and constructors
  • Apex Collections (List, Set, MAP)
  • Understanding Data types
  • Working with Statement & Loops in apex
  • conditional statement in apex-If, If else
  • Purpose of Debugging & logging


  • Introduction to SOQL
  • Need of SOQL in apex.
  • Conditions and Clause in SOQL
  • Understanding relationship Queries
  • Governing limits for SOQL
  • Introduction to SOSL
  • Difference between SOQL and SOSL
  • Introduction to DML Operation.
  • Action in DML operation.
  • Overview to DML statement
  • Implementation of SOQL in DML operation
  • Database. Save Point & Database. Rollback
  • Best Practices in apex

Apex triggers

  • Introduction to Apex trigger
  • Understanding Trigger events & context variables
  • DML in before insert and after Insert.
  • Use map in trigger.
  • System validation and Before Insert and custom validations.
  • Use of collection in trigger.
  • How to bulkify trigger
  • Invoking Callouts from Triggers
  • Introduction to handler class and its usages
  • Best practices to write trigger
  • Overview to test class
  • Importance of test class
  • Best practice to write test class

Asynchronous apex

  • Introduction to Asynchronous process
  • Brief overview to Batch apex
  • Implementing Database.Stateful Interface
  • Methods in batch apex
  • Handling exceptions in batch apex
  • Calling batch with in a batch
  • Invoking another batch from Batch
  • Sending email from batch apex.
  • scheduled apex, Cron job
  • Governing Limits in batch apex.
  • Test Classes in asynchronous apex.

Visualforce Pages & Controllers & Action

  • Introduction to visualforce page
  • Controller in visualforce-Standard controller, custom controller and extension
  • Understanding different visualforce tag
  • Routing to a different page(PageReference)
  • Action method in visualforce
  • Different action method visualforce
  • Understanding of render, rerender & renederas
  • Introduction to dynamic visualforce
  • Implementation of visualforce page

Integration basics & Deployment Process

  • Introduction to web service.
  • Purpose and Need of Integration
  • Types of web service.
  • Salesforce to any third party integrations overview
  • Introduction to SOAP & REST callouts
  • Understanding how to develop SOAP & REST web services in Salesforce
  • Change Sets
  • Repeat All important concept
  • Discussion and Interview Tips for Salesforce

Nuclay's Salesforce Training course is designed to help you pass the Salesforce Administrator Exam (ADM 201) and the Salesforce Platform Developer I Exam. Concepts like Service cloud, Salesforce objects, Lightning components, APIs, NPSP and data management can be mastered in these courses.

Course Curriculum for Salesforce Administrator Training

Introduction to Cloud Computing & Salesforce

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Types of cloud - IAAS,PAAS,SAAS
  • Introduction to CRM (Intro & Need)
  • Introduction to Salesforce CRM
  • Market Demand for Salesforce CRM.
  • Salesforce Sandboxes
  • Creating Salesforce Developer Account
  • Quick Navigation Walk Through
  • Standard & Custom Objects and their purpose

Salesforce Objects/Fields/Tabs

  • Types of object available in salesforce
  • Difference between standard and custom object
  • Introduction to tab
  • Assigning tab to object,
  • Creating a Salesforce Custom App
  • Types of Tab - Custom Object Tabs, Visualforce, Web tab, Lightning Page tabs
  • Intro on various Data Types.

Salesforce object Relationships & Roll-Up Summary Fields

  • Introduction to Relationships
  • Need of Relationships in salesforce.
  • Brief on Types of relationship.
  • Master-Details, Lookup, Self-relationship, External lookup relationship, Indirect lookup relationship, Many-to-many relationships (Junction object),Hierarchical relationship
  • Deep in to Junction object
  • Difference between master-detail and lookup relationship
  • Roll-Up Summary Fields and its features.
  • Are You Ready To Buy A Home Theater Audio System

Formula Fields Validation rules

  • Understanding of formula fields
  • Intro to cross object formula.
  • Introduction to validation rule, Need, and Various popular functions
  • What is the difference between the formula field and Rollup summary in Salesforce?

Record Types/Page Layouts/Buttons/Links

  • What is record Record Types
  • Use of Record Type
  • What is page layout
  • How to assign page layouts and profile to a record type
  • Introduction to Custom button and Custom link

Security Model

  • Introduction to User Management,
  • Different types of user licenses available
  • Intro to Roles and Profiles
  • What is Permission Sets
  • Use and need of Permission Sets
  • Brief to Record Sharing
  • Type of record sharing.
  • OWD - Public Read/Write, Public Read, private only
  • Role Hierarchies- share record as per role
  • Sharing record-Manual and owner based


  • Introduction to automated process
  • Introduction to Workflow Rules
  • Types of evaluation criteria in Workflow rules
  • Different workflow actions- Update, Email alert, Task, outbound message
  • Introduction to Approval Process
  • Understanding Approval steps, Approval actions, Rejection actions
  • Creation of email Templates for Email Notifications

Salesforce Sales cloud

  • Brief in to Sales Cloud management
  • Lead conversion process
  • Auto assignment rule, Email notification, Escalation rules
  • Creation of web to lead
  • Product & Pricebook Overview

Data loader/Import wizard

  • Introduction to Data migration
  • Overview to Data loader and its installation process
  • Action in Data Loader - Insert, Update, Delete, Hard delete
  • Introduction to salesforce import wizard
  • Difference between Data loader and import wizard
  • Limits in Data loader and import wizard
  • Dealing With Technical Support 10 Useful Tips
  • Are You Ready To Buy A Home Theater Audio System

Report & Dashboard

  • Introduction to Data Visualization-Reports and Dashboard
  • Types of report-Tabular, summary, Matrix, and a joint report
  • Creation of report types.
  • How to create a bucket field and formula.
  • Overview to the dashboard and its types
  • What is a dynamic dashboard
  • Understanding Sharing & Security of Reports-Dashboards

Training Options

Date Time Days/Duration Training Module Fee
15 FEB 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM FILLING FAST SAT and SUN
(6 Week)
Salesforce Developer Training 15k+GST
17 FEB 5:30 PM to
7:30 PM
(6 Week)
Salesforce Administrator Training 15k+GST

Note : Enroll for both courses at a discounted price of Rs. 25000 + GST only.
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