The Project

Carbon Check (India) Private Limited is accredited and certified by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), among many others, for providence of verification and validation services in each respective arena. With headquarters in New Delhi India, the company approached Nuclay with the requirement to be presented better, online. Website design and development with enhanced security measures served as the perfect solution.


In addition to the website, Nuclay designed the logo for Carbon Check using the right colours and fonts. We understand that the visuals for a company need to be in alignment with the ethos of the brand, that is how we work around different concepts and put our best foot forward. NuClay believes in making it work, with the perfect balance between hard work and smartwork!


The website of a company or brand has to manifest what the organization stands for, and this philosophy should be reflected in all its communication - the product, the website or social media. That is exactly what Nuclay developed for Carbon Check. As a certification body, the website of Carbon Check (India) now has various options to showcase the work that they have done in terms of projects and services. There are different drafts under “policies and procedures” which are ready for download, the brand narrates transparency. We refreshed their logo design to reflect flow, continuity and credibility. Nuclay also optimizes and secures information, wherever necessary.

The section and categories on the website have been tailor made to suit the needs of the organization. At Nuclay, we understand the importance of the brief given to us, while we try to execute the same in the best way possible!

What the client had to say

“Nuclay has helped our vision become a reality and we look forward to many more projects.”

Anubhav Dimri

Executive Director

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